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Gemma Taylor

I am a holistic healer working and teaching in the Guildford area, and have been healing in various capacities for over 15 years. Originally starting with an introduction to spiritual healing in1991, I then committed to a three-year course studying the FM Alexander Technique. During this time I also developed my natural intuitive qualities learning how to use oracle cards for divination.

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Suzan Joy Wells

My power and expertise is in helping you connect with your Soul’s Contract, freeing you to discover a whole new way of being and the pathway to true happiness and peace.

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Laura Hayward

As a qualified holistic massage therapist since 1999, I have spent many years offering deep tissue massage to a broad range of clients including athletes, celebrities, and stressed executives. Specialising in pregnancy massage and as a Doula, I also support many exhausted Mums and Dads!

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Richard Ashworth

People come to Richard when their lives are stuck or they are at a cross roads. His direct, authoritative and humorous approach has changed lives for the better from Poland to New Zealand. "I aim always for health, wealth and wisdom.

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Jane Butterworth

Jane Butterworth is an experienced Crystal & Sound Spiritual Healer, and a teacher & spiritual channel working from her home at in Dorset.

In addition to giving Readings, she works extensively as a Healer with special interests in very deep healing.

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Paula Bishop

I teach Eden Energy Medicine, which is a way of promoting balance and flow in the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies to enhance health and well-being. Techniques include the use of certain postures or movements, or touching, holding, tapping, pressing, tracing or circling over specific areas of the skin.

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Kay Kraty

Kay Kraty works as a combined energy practitioner and spiritual coach, drawing on her expertise as a Reiki Master Teacher, colour therapist, crystal healer and esoteric numerologist.

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