If you are stuckand can’t see a way forward Anna can light your way.  If you are on your journey but, cannot let go of the past Anna can help unblock and remove what may be holding you back. If you are trapped in your mind and cannot connect to your heart Anna can help you to change your way of thinking, to bring you back to the real you buried under life’s experiences. In fact there is nothing on this planet that cannot be resolved by spiritual awareness. Anna can help with it all.

About Spiritual Counselling/Coaching

To get to know yourself on a deeper level and heal the blocks and wounds from the past, you will need time. Time to heal and time to process the healing is needed for your health and wellbeing.

Healing is not just about having a healing session. Talking is healing, stillness is healing, breathing is healing and action can be healing.

We are instinctual primal beings with more needs than are offered in the modern world. So much has been forgotten, but is ready to be re-awakened. Once you start opening up to self-communication you will be amazed at what you already know.

Your spirit remembers and wants to communicate all its wisdom to you. Bear in mind that busy lives and busy minds are not supportive of your emotional and spiritual growth. Therefore, by choosing to devote time and a commitment to your healing journey, you will create the space to bring peace and healing to your heart and mind.

What does a spiritual counselling session involve?

Each session will include an hour and forty five minutes of guidance and healing.

Anna can help you to explore your untapped wisdom and your gifted soul in a safe and nurturing environment. You are the driving force of each session, so whatever is important to you will be addressed.

Because Anna is a medium she can connect to your heart, mind and soul to help you to reveal the hidden aspects of what is holding you back and blocking your peace, abundance, self love and more. After talking and opening up, Anna can then remove and heal the attachments, entities, energies and form that will have surfaced.

These sessions will help you with your relationships, your career, home life, spiritual awareness, emotional growth and all aspects of life in general.

Remember, you are spirit, so by honouring that part of yourself, everything else will fall beautifully into place. If traditional counselling is not for you then this could be the answer.


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