Crystal healing
Crystals have different vibrations (energies) which when placed on or around the body help to cleanse and rebalance our own vibrations - crystals are full of love. I will be guided to use specific crystals by channelling (talking to) your own team of spirit guides.

About Crystal Healing

Using crystals for healing is not a new phenomenon. Crystals have been used by healers worldwide within many different cultures for many years. The Mayans, Native Americans and Shamans globally have found using crystals a gentle and profound way to support our natural healing process. Crystals hold the divine love of Mother Earth within them. Each one is as individual as we are but, without the human ego. They serve unconditionally, sharing their unique energy with us in many different ways to support our own healing process.

The treatment will be relaxing and nurturing. First a pendulum is used to scan the body to ascertain where in the body there is disharmony. Crystals are then chosen intuitively by the healer and placed on or around the body. This sometimes is all that is needed to bring on the desired effect. If a deeper healing is required, healing light is channelled through the hands of the healer who will then place them on or around the body to enhance the energy and bring forward a more powerful energy exchange

crystal healing photo
crystal healing photo


I would recommend an hour to get the most out of crystal healing. However, sometimes half- an- hour can be sufficient.

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