Knowledge can create wisdom. However, we can’t always be clear enough in our mind to hear our own wisdom, or, sometimes, if we hear it we don’t trust it. Having a reading can clarify our own thoughts or, give us new ideas and direction as we walk our life paths.

A medium is a channel that can access information from the unseen world of spirit. All mediums have different ways of doing this using clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognisence gifts. We all have these skills in some way or other as we are all part of the spirit world but some have an aptitude and calling to hone their skills and offer them to other for help, advice and reassurance.

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There is always room for guidance in life; not all questions and challenges that are gifted to us can be unravelled by us alone. With the help of your guides many questions can be answered. Your guides are always ready to listen and give advice where it is needed or requested.

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Spiritual Counselling/Coaching

Spiritual counselling or coaching focuses on your spiritual self. As we are spirit having a human experience, all that we are and do is spiritual. There is a freedom in this therapy that other therapies may not have. Your unique soul and spirit will require your own unique way to heal and develop them, so there are no limits or restrictions to this practice, as you are the star!

Anna brings listening presence, grounded discipline and all her gifts to help you to feel safe to let go and heal on every level. Read the testimonials and gain a better understanding from those who have benefited from a session with Anna.

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Tarot and Angel cards

Card readings are a great way to receive answers to specific questions, or, they can be used for a generic reading (general information to be shared). The pictures help you to understand the message from different perspectives.

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Although traditionally performed in Spiritualist Churches, other venues can be equally effective. As long as there is an audience willing to listen, platform work can be done anywhere. If you have a group of people that would like to be entertained in an unusual way then book an evening of clairvoyance.

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