There are many kinds of healing to help all aspects of your wellbeing. The basis of all healing is love. Love is the key to creating a happy and harmonious state of being. No matter whether your body, or mind, is feeling out of balance, healing can help you to feel whole again.
Soul rescue

Soul rescue healing is powerful and liberating. During a soul rescue healing session I can identify and remove attachments such as ancestors, curses and entities that are holding you back from living a full and happy life.

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Crystal Healing

Crystals have different vibrations (energies) which when placed on or around the body help to cleanse and rebalance our own vibrations - crystals are full of love. I will be guided to use specific crystals by channelling (talking to) your own team of spirit guides, so each session is individual to you and your needs.

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Spiritual Healing

This is a ‘hands off’ form of healing that brings forward a powerful energy of pure love. I have healing guides that work with me and so do you! I do not have to place my hand on the body to bring this relaxing and beautiful light to you. The light/love energy has its own intelligence and will find its way to the areas where it is needed the most.

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Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Chakras are our own energy centres located in different areas of our body. If either one, or all, is out of balance, they can knock our whole system out of sync. Each chakra works with the next one and so, by bringing them back into balance you will feel grounded and connected to yourself and to mother earth, thus creating a flow within your energy system.

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Space clearing

Keeping your home free from negativity is an ongoing activity. Like us, our homes are vulnerable to negative energy. We bring all sorts of emotions into our homes; our own, or from other people who have kindly passed on their negative emotions to us! Regularly cleansing your home will keep your environment peaceful and clear, so you can focus on life with clarity.

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