A medium is a channel that can access information from the unseen world of spirit.
All mediums have different ways of doing this using clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognisence gifts. We all have these skills in some way or other
as we are all part of the spirit world but some have an aptitude and calling to
hone their skills and offer them to other for help, advice and reassurance.

About Mediumship

Anna’s Mediumship gifts help her to see into the soul of a person with the view to help them understand who they are and what gifts they have to offer in this life time.

The heart is the link between the 3 worlds and is always connected to guides and spirit friends who are waiting to give advice and guidance.

As a heart based medium Anna can help you understand more about your potential and what is holding you back from being your true and authentic self.

Sometimes this advice will come from loved ones who have passed but not always. Your guides will be the most useful source of information to help you on your path.

Anna does not enter into the exchange of reading the future. In these changing times of 5th dimensional energy we are not being encouraged to look beyond the present.

“Who am I today and how do I move forward to be the best I can be?” This is the question Anna can answer for you.

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ONLINE only at the moment.

More Info

Anna also teaches Mediumship so if you feel that you would like to master your own gifts there is a weekly Mediumship class available to facilitate your learning.

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