Spiritual clearing
Keeping your home free from negativity is an ongoing activity. Like us, our homes are vulnerable to negative energy. Regularly cleansing your home will keep your environment peaceful and clear, so you can focus on life with clarity.

About Space Clearing

- Cleansing the Home -

Just like us, your dwelling is vulnerable to negative energy. To maintain its wellbeing by giving it a regular cleanse will help you get the best from it. If you have just moved in to your home, the energy within the dwelling will have been created by the people who lived there before, so to make it your own you will need to cleanse it and fill it with your own light. It is also a great opportunity to make friends with the spirit of place ensuring a harmonious and free flowing atmosphere. If you have a garden or an outside area it is a part of your living space. So when you cleanse your property the outside should not be forgotten.

The tools that I use in space clearing are sound, incense, crystals, pendulums and myself, as a light source. My guides are always with me to uncover any hidden areas of disharmony. Once your space is clear a happy protection can be put in and around to secure the property. This will stop outside influences coming in, although it may not be a deterrent to what is brought in by you and your family, therefore, regular space clearing is recommended.

- Moving Earthbound Spirits on to the Spirit World -

It is normally obvious to most of us if there is an earthbound spirit in your home. I have found over the years, the intuition of my clients is usually spot on. A feeling, a sighting, sometimes a smell or even being physically touched by seemingly nothing, can be a spirit letting their presence be known. Most are harmless and easy to move to the light. This practice goes hand in hand with space clearing. And, whether it is buildings or land, having unwanted earthbound spirits around can be disruptive for many, especially children.

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  • Cleansing the Home
  • £100 per hour
    (Additional cost for travel over a 5 mile radius of Guildford)
  • Moving Earthbound Spirits on to the Spirit World
  • £100 per hour
    (Additional cost for travel over a 5 mile radius of Guildford)
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