There is always room for guidance in life; not all questions and challenges that are gifted to us can be unravelled by us alone. With the help of your guides many questions can be answered. Your guides are always ready to listen and give advice where it is needed or requested.

About Guidance

We all have Guides, Spirits that help us with our life's journey. We have many different ones for different parts of our lives. They are always present around us, day and night and are ready to step in where needed, hoping we will listen to our intuition and act for our highest good. They are patient, compassionate and are full of unconditional love.

As a medium, I am able to communicate with both guides and angelic beings. Through this communication, knowledge and wisdom can be shared with you from them.

If you are pondering on a decision or have come to cross roads in your life your guides are here to help you. They can help you to understand your higher purposes and show you events of past lives that may be holding you back or, that you need to recognise within your personality.

The more we communicate with our guides the easier it becomes. They are not there to run your life, but are there to support you with love and wisdom.

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ONLINE only at the moment.

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Anna offers Spiritual counselling/coaching which will include 1hr 45mins of guidance and healing for £150. Find out more about Spiritual counselling/coaching sessions

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