What I love and value greatly is crossing paths with wonderful people - those who give one's sense of wonder an almighty boost. They ignite and reinforce an emerging awareness that there is great mystery and great meaning in being alive; that all is how it needs to be in order to evolve. Potential is revealed in a glorious glimpse, along with the paths to reach it. This is healing. And meeting Anna was just that. A beacon amidst the foaming sea. A beam of moonlight upon the forest trail. A blessing.

Robert Luck, No fixed abode

I decided to see Anna for a series of one-to-one sessions as I felt I needed a different approach to conventional practitioners, to help me with my personal and business development.  As there was quite a lot to sort out I thought a number of regular individual sessions would suit my style (I’m not overly disciplined).  Realistically, I also knew there wouldn’t be a quick fix for what I was trying to achieve. Seeing Anna monthly has helped me focus and grow in all sorts of ways I could not have envisaged.  I am very pleased with my progression and my business is starting to flourish.  

M. P, Guildford

I have been a student of Anna's for many years now, taking part in her meditation classes, Mediumship classes, development days and receiving healing and counsel from her on numerous occasions. Even since I moved to London I travel to Guildford once a week to study with her, as she is a truly inspirational teacher. Anna always leads by example and has an honest, straightforward and practical approach to the spiritual work we do. She creates a very safe environment, in which I have always felt comfortable to explore and discover the universe and unfold myself. What I really love is how much we laugh in her classes!

Meriel Rosenkranz, London

I have been attending Anna’s classes for quite some time now. I have been to open platform and meditation as well as having healing and a reading along with attending a day on “abundance”. Anna is very professional in everything she does and always speaks in “Layman’s terms” which makes it easy to understand and also introduces a sense of humour so that it is very “humanised” and enjoyable.

The mood of every class I have ever attended is always one of calm and an environment that creates a safe and comforting wellbeing and a sense of learning and understanding all aspects relating to not just spiritual matters but Earthly matters as well. Eveeryone that attends is always very friendly and approachable which makes it easier if you are by yourself.

I have gained great comfort and relief from Anna’s spiritual reading and her kindness and love of what she does clearly shines through which instantly relaxes me to get the full impact of the session and it always leaves me wanting to know more and find out other things about myself that Anna has uncovered through her ability with spirit or very acute teaching skills, which when applied to a sensitive situation can be very rewarding and have a truly calming effect. I look forward to Anna’s classes and although I cannot always attend, I know that I am missing out on gaining valuable knowledge in whatever subject is on the agenda for that day. I would urge anyone who is contemplating a visit will not be disappointed in the least.

Simon Saulis, Guildford

Anna runs classes for self development aimed at all levels. All the classes are friendly and many of her pupils obtain contact with spirit. Anna’s tuition is searching but full of fun. I have been going to her classes for five years and can thoroughly recommend the experience.

Michael Church, Woking

I have had several healing sessions with Anna, which have been tremendously helpful during some difficult times. I love knowing that whatever I am going through I can always rely on Anna to help me find ways to deal with it myself. The healing has had an instantly restorative effect on me, and I truly value the integrity, down to earth approach, sensitivity and wisdom that Anna has demonstrated every time I have seen her.

Even my husband, who is not generally into 'that sort of thing' had a very useful session during a difficult time. He found the healing profoundly relaxing and said he would definitely like to repeat the experience. My 7 year old daughter absolutely loved her healing session. She felt free and safe to talk about anything, and came out so much lighter and happier. It is so great to know that support is available no matter what life throws.

Clare Stone, Guildford

I was visiting a friend in Guildford in 2010 and booked a session with Anna who had been recommended by my friend. She had often spoken of this wonderful healer, Anna and her beautiful energy.

I had no idea how my life would change through Annas healing.

The healing I received was so powerful and Annas spiritual guidance so poignant I was immediately afterwards filled with a positive, joyfullness I thought I had lost.

My physical problems were a loss of hearing, fuzziness and headaches plus a feeling of doom that I woke with each morning - my zest for life had left me! These symptoms completely disappeared after a couple of sessions.

I now have regular sessions to re balance on a day trip to Guildford. It would be lovely to be part of one of Anna’s ongoing groups if I was nearer. Mentally I feel clearer and my focus has returned. I also look forward to Anna’s wise spiritual counselling.

Anna has a beautiful, energetic presence which I love to be around. I thank her for giving me back my spiritual and physical impetus.

Jo, Nottingham

Healing - I have been to see Anna on many occasions for healing and every time it has been amazing - always exactly what I needed! Whether it’s been healing past life experiences, ancestral attachment, inner child work, emotional development or just some love and attention needed, every session has been a valuable shedding to the layers of my healing journey.

Teaching -I enjoyed learning so much with Anna that for a while I did 2 nights a week studying mediumship skills and doing self development classes. It’s safe to say it was a pretty life changing experience! As a beginner who was in much need of some guidance she took me through an incredible journey, that is still ongoing, and for that I'm hugely grateful! It’s very hard to write a testimonial that does something as important and life changing as this any justice whatsoever but all I can say is that if you want to take responsibility for your life, develop who you are and be able to take on the trials and tribulations of day to day living with a greater understanding, Anna is a fantastically wise, knowledgeable, powerful and of course LOVELY person to learn from!

Workshops - Workshops with Anna & Gemma are always an intense day of working on one’s self which are incredibly powerful, brilliantly organised and most importantly always with a huge emphasis on eating cake (which is never a bad thing!). I brought my whole family on one development workshop which was an important day for us all and every one of us came away a different, clearer and more inspired person which has helped us all to no end. I'd highly recommend taking part in a workshop - it is always a hugely transformational experience and one you will never forget!

Sarah Goldman, Guildford

Anna’s meditation classes are superb and have helped in my development so much. The classes are friendly and mutually supportive. We laugh and we have fun whilst learning about ourselves and how to quiet our minds and connect with the true self.

Her healing is incomparable – together we have been on a journey in which we have both been amazed. She has taught me so much and helped me to understand why I’m going through these weird and wacky times. When dealing with the more sad times of healing, she can be so kind and loving.

I searched for a long time for someone of Anna’s experience and sensitivity and am so glad I found her.

Laura Silcox, Egham

31/11/2005 is a day I will always remember, a day where God finally released my mum of her suffering and a day he sent me Anna.

Anna is an amazing woman, just like my mum, God took my mum and gave me Anna and for this I am truly grateful.

I have been working with Anna for 8 years now; meditation was the best thing I have ever taken up. I used to suffer with depression and by using the skills I have learnt through meditation, I have control over this, but I also use my skills on a day to day basis.

I go to Anna for one to one spiritual healing sessions, this is a safe space I can open my heart to Anna and she never judges you but empathises and I find it a very invigorating experience, she helps you see a different way and helps you work through personnel experiences. Anna has helped me learn to use my natural talents to give healing to friends and family.

I am in an advance group with Anna learning discipline for my natural talent Mediumship.
I used to be scared of my talents because I didn't understand them but today I fully embrace them with love and understanding. I have also been on development days with Anna and Gemma, these are a must, and they are very insightful. With the help of Anna I am now truly embracing my true talent and power, for this I thank you.

Zoe Millia, Guildford