All the classes are run in a relaxed and friendly environment. They provide a great opportunity to meet likeminded people and to explore all that your mind, body and spirit have to offer through channelled meditation and easy exercises.

About Meditation

It takes time and practice to quieten the mind, a little silence every day will go a long way to help you feel peaceful and serene. If you give your mind a chance to be still it can work more efficiently for you.

Journeying with the self, as well as being in silence, allows the soul to express itself without the distraction of the physical world. From this freedom of expression comes great wisdom and guidance, which can help us gather the tools we need to face and complete life’s many challenges.

Group meditation is powerful, which can make it easier for you to focus away from your busy mind. Once you have harnessed your focus, a wonderful peace and tranquillity will be within you. This blissful state of being can really help you overcome everyday stress.

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Class info

I have been running meditation classes for the past twenty years.

Through guided visualisation meditation it is possible to learn a great deal about all aspects of the self; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

All classes are channelled, which means that everyone gets something specifically for their personal wellbeing. Spirit is clever in this way and I find the more I leave to them the better the classes are and the more powerful the experience.

Monthly class

This class is a drop in class. Anyone is welcome to attend. It is an online class held on a Friday evening, dates and time are on the events page.

Weekly class

The weekly classes are online and in blocks of 4 classes. If you would like to join a weekly class, it is a good idea to first attend a monthly mediation class so you can feel whether the class and the way I teach is for you.

Weekly Class Times

Thursday Morning Class

10:00 - 11.30

Thursday Evening Class

19.30 - 21:00

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