Chakra Dancing
This is such a fun way to bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance. It’s not a traditional dance class, but an overall expression of self. By using movement, we can unlock some of the blocks that hold us back, or, are creating an imbalance within.

About Chakra Dancing

Chakra dancing is a lovely way to balance the chakra centres using movement and dance. Each centre has a different vibration; from the root, which has a heavy deep base vibration, to the crown, which has a light angelic vibration.

Each piece of music used relates to the energy of each chakra centre. It’s a free form dance style so you dance your own dance, guided by me (a qualified chakra dance teacher), allowing your body to move in whichever way it wants to express itself.

While you dance, letting go of your thought patterns and rigid ideas of Self (taking your mind out of the equation), each centre will release and let go of your blocks and fears in a safe and natural way.


When we share our experiences with others a wonderful group dynamic is created and the energy in the room is multiplied. Dancing in groups will create such a dynamic, enabling physical communication and manifesting support for all to release and clear the body. This is a fun way to develop, since both your body and mind will receive a very beneficial workout which will enable you to be clearer and more focused in the days ahead.

One to one

Some people can be very shy of dancing with others, but would still like to benefit from this form of physical development with Chakra Dancing. So a one to one session is an excellent way of getting started and losing the inhibitions of public dancing. There will be a short meditation, first, to link in with the Divine Light of Mother Earth and Source; then the dancing, ending with a short card divination and the closing down of our chakras.

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Chakra dancing is not only a fun way to keep you fit, it is a spiritual practise for the body, mind and soul. Our bodies are spiritual and chakra dancing provides the space for your body to be the focus which will help bring it into balance and create wholeness.


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For both Groups and One to One, the session will be for one and a half hours.

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