Soul rescue
Soul rescue healing is powerful and liberating. During a soul rescue healing session I can identify and remove attachments such as ancestors, curses and entities that are holding you back from living a full and happy life.

About Soul Rescue

Soul rescue is a shamanic sacred healing practice, which removes all levels of negative energy that has been holding us back. Negative aspects of past lives, negative ancestral interference, curses and entity attachments can all be removed, along with the present shadows of our life experience. Working with Divine light and Divine darkness equally as a soul rescuer with my team of light beings I can clear and balance the whole self.

This is a similar process to regular healing, bringing in light from above and below, however, instead of just laying on the hands it involves removal of attachments by pulling negativity off the body. It doesn’t hurt on a physical sense but does involve some manipulation of the body.

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Each session will last an hour to two hours and will take place in a sacred space i.e. a room designed for this healing, or a space which has been cleansed appropriately.

More Info

Anna offers Spiritual counselling/coaching which will include 2hrs of guidance and healing for £200. Find out more about Spiritual counselling/coaching sessions

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