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I am based in Guildford, Surrey. I offer classes, healing and readings both online and from a rural therapy room just outside Guildford. I am happy to travel to your home but there will be an extra cost for travelling except where travel cost is included in the service.


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My story

Hello my name is Anna Elizabeth Taylor. I have been teaching spiritual/self development for 20 years and practising Mediumship and healing for 25 years.

Like many mediums, I was born with gifts that I didn't understand as a child. It is not within our society's norms to believe in extra sensory perception and not the fault of our parents when it is not recognised.

Looking back it all makes sense, but for a long time the loneliness of being so sensitive to energy and having awareness of spirit was frightening and confusing. As with all growth of living beings, support is needed in order for it to blossom. Without this support fear conquers with negative darkness.

This may sound strange but it was the death of my father, when I was 21 years old, which brought the support I needed to transform from negative being to positive being. It was his final gift to me as a human being. “Cheers Dad”.

When something as life changing as losing a parent descends upon your world, nothing is ever the same again. This tragedy opened up possibilities for me and for some of my family that may not have come to us for many years - all part of the Divine Plan.

My mother, sister and I went to church - not a Christian church but a Spiritual church. I witnessed a medium performing her gift on the platform, claiming to be communicating with my father. I was sceptical (a healthy state of being, if supported by an open mind) but found myself drawn in by the language and term of phrase of the medium. It was my father to a tee. I could be in no doubt that this was the real thing even with my resistance. I went back to the church many times to hear the messages and wisdom of the mediums who spoke from the church platform. As in all walks of life some shone out more to me than others.

I met a lady called Barbara Stone. She was kind and wise but also down to earth in her approaches to this other world knowledge. She gave my mother, my sister and I a lesson in healing. It felt like I had always known how to heal and it felt like I had been practising for years. We all took to it as though it was a part of us.

But this was only the beginning. I discovered that when I placed my hands on or around a person or an animal I received information about them. As much as I loved healing I was fascinated by my ability to channel all types of information. I knew it was important to seek training, as natural as my gift was. There was so much within this other world existence to learn. I found a circle to join, in order to learn the techniques and disciplines to enhance my gifts and to keep me safe and protected.

It was a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Once I embarked on this journey I was thrown into not only spiritual development but emotional and physical development too. To fully understand one self all had to be addressed. Within a year I was practising healing and mediumship together, pushing boundaries of the old ways and receiving new ways from my spirit guides to help myself and to help the people who came to me for guidance and healing.

It was my sister Gemma Taylor who encouraged me to begin teaching classes in development. I was reluctant to start with because I did not believe that I knew enough to be bold enough to share what I had learned with others. But I need not have been concerned. With my guides by my side and the support of Divine energy I found all the information was given to me, class by class. And to this day I am blessed with the ability to speak the wisdom of guides and masters, mother earth and beings of light.

I learn as my students learn. We laugh and cry together. We share with trust and openness, supporting each other as we journey through this life. Those I have been so very fortunate to teach are special and unique and I am very proud of them all and I am blessed to be a part of their journey so far.

The healing I do now compliments all my work brilliantly. “Soul rescue” to give it a name, is a form of healing that clears away outdated, unwanted energy that holds back the soul and spirit from growing and developing to its higher potential.

I have clients that come to me for all I do - classes, healing, mediumship etc - and some come for just one of the disciplines I can offer. Either way each person receives what he or she needs in order to find the True Self - the beautiful, unique and special being that we all truly are.

Thank you for listening to my story. If you would like to contact me for more information on what I do, book an appointment or join a class the details are on this site.

You may have a question about your experience or are just curious to know more about self-development. If I can't answer your question (I'm good but I'm not God!) I have many friends in the Lightworkers circle whose experiences differ from mine who can be called upon for help. Some of these lovely people are listed on this site. Feel free to contact them direct.

My sister is also listed on this web site. You may be curious to find out more about her story. She is extremely gifted and works for the Divine in her own special way.

Love and Light