Spiritual development
You are a unique spiritual being having a human experience here on earth. Uniting your spirit with your mind and body, to become one whole being brings you many gifts. Spiritual development classes will help you bring these gifts into your everyday reality.

About Spiritual Development

Using meditation as a tool, there are many opportunities to learn and develop spiritually. When we are in a quiet space of being, all of our senses can work together, creating a space for communication from other worlds and dimensions, as well as those from the inner self.

Awareness is the key to understanding yourself spiritually. All the knowledge is around us; it is our responsibility to be aware enough to use this knowledge for our highest good. This, in turn, will bring out our personal gifts and enable us to fulfil our true potential.

During the class we will learn to use the space between the conscious and unconscious mind which acts as a portal or transmitter for us to communicate with our guides, loved ones passed over, angelic beings, beings of light and, the many different aspects of Mother Earth.

There are practical exercises that can help to refine this communication and bring out the natural gifts, which we all have for our awareness of the Divine self.

I believe that communication between these worlds is a natural state of being for all.
However, although some will find communication easy, many others will require a bit of work and guidance to enhance this natural state of being.

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Anna offers the following for your Spiritual Development:

TLC workshop

Meditation class

Mediumship class

Chakra dancing class

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