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Laura Hayward

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Tel: 07957 421232

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What to expect

Length of sessions varies but they are generally between 1.5/2hrs.

Some clients may benefit from consecutive treatments.

Massage is direct, using oils so client’s are requested to remove garments.

Spirit always guides the degree of healing and any messages received. The intention is always for an authentic connection to be made at a level the client is comfortable with.

About Laura

As a qualified holistic massage therapist since 1999, I have spent many years offering deep tissue massage to a broad range of clients including athletes, celebrities, and stressed executives. Specialising in pregnancy massage and as a Doula, I also support many exhausted Mums and Dads! In addition, I provided holistic massage to both patients and their families with MacMillan at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for

Throughout my early years in practice I was curious to understand my increasingly intuitive responses to my clients’ ‘aches and tensions’ and how I could use my gift to benefit their healing journey.

To this end, I began studying Spiritual Development, Mediumship and Inspired Speaking with renowned medium Dr Angela Watkins at the College of Psychic Studies in Kensington. This led to training with Terry and Natalia O'Sullivan in the Shamanic practice of Soul Rescue. I am also a regular at Anna's meditation classes.

I offer clients my unique therapeutic, deep tissue massage using oils to promote relaxation and healing. For those looking for a deeper insight I will, under spiritual guidance, tailor your massage to allow my psychic and shamanic abilities to help release and clear unhelpful energy and to facilitate natural healing and the energizing of the body and mind. If appropriate, I may use powerful and exquisite Zephorium oils.